Coalition Government

Meaning Coalition – Latin term – “coalition” meaning “to grow together”

·         Politically – Coalition means an alliance of distant political parties.

·         It occurs usually in modern Parliament when no single political party can muster a majority of votes

·         Two or more parties who have enough elected members between them to form a majority agree on a common programme to form a government.

Features 1.       They are formed for the sake of some reward, material or psychic

2.       Implies the existence of two partners.

3.       The underlying principle stands on the simple fact of temporary conjunction of specific interest

4.       Coalition government works on the basis of a minimum programme which may not be ideal for each partner of coalition

5.       The purpose is to seize power

Merits 1.       There is an accommodation of diverse interests in the functioning of govt. – coalition – channel to meet the expectations and redress grievances of different groups of people

2.       Represents broader spectrum of public opinion than the single party government.

3.       There is a consensual decision-making.

4.       Decisions are made in a more balanced way

Demerits 1.       Unstable and prone to fall at any time

2.       Members of the government do not assume responsibility for the administrative failure and lapses – play blame games

3.       There is a problem of distribution of portfolio as well as proper coordination among the members.

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