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UPSC Anthropology Optional

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Just Starting

– Anthropology Optional Pros & Cons.
– How to start Preparation
– Recommended Books
– Anthropology optional Success Rate

Free Resources

– Topper’s Interviews
– Previous Paper Solutions
– Topic Wise Questions Asked
– Topper’s Copies
– Free Lectures


– Foundation Classroom Program
– Test Series
– Mentorship Program

Commerce & Accountancy Optional

Mentorship cum Test Series by CA Rahul Kumar

Commerce & Accountancy Optional

Enriched Study Material by CA Rahul Kumar

Important Articles For Anthropology Beginners

Why is Anthropology Optional?

Diving deep into pros and cons of Anthropology optional

Best Preparation Strategy for Anthropology optional

Sources, Schedule, Time table, Dos & Donts and common mistakes

Toppers tips by UPSC Toppers

Tips shared by past year UPSC Toppers who scored high marks in Anthropology

Syllabus Micro Analysis

Micro analysis of syllabus of Anthropology

Subject wise PYQ Trends analysis

Learn which topics are repeated 

Recommended Books List

Books for building solid conceptuel base and books for numericals practice

Subject Specific Blogs for Anthropology Optional for UPSC

Anthropology Optional Strategy

Financial Management Strategy

Cost Accounting Strategy for UPSC

Organisation Theory Strategy for UPSC

Organisation Behaviour Strategy

Human Resources Managemet Strategy

Free Resources for Anthropology optional

Previous Papers (Year Wise)

PYQ Question papers year wise as asked by the UPSC

Previous Papers (Topic Wise)

Subject wise Previous year question papers

Free Strategy Lectures

Know the best strategy to become topper in Anthropology optional

Anthropology Optional Syllabus

Syllabus as given by UPSC

Previous Year Solved Papers

Solution of previous year papers as asked by UPSC 

Toppers Copies

Learn from the answer scripts of the previous year UPSC Toppers

Anthropology Optional PYQs

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