Management Optional Class for UPSC Mains

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Online & Offline Management Optional class in Delhi for UPSC IAS

Diademy IAS is an institute dedicated to providing quality coaching for the UPSC Management Mains exam. We provide comprehensive and intensive coaching for the exam in both Delhi and Kolkata. Our faculty consists of experienced and well-qualified professionals who have been teaching students for many years.

We use the latest techniques and technology to ensure that our students get the maximum benefit from our classes. Our classes are designed to help students understand the concepts and techniques required to prepare for the exam in the best possible manner. We also provide mock tests, practice papers, and other resources to prepare students for the exam.

We have a team of professionals dedicated to helping students in every step of their preparation journey. We provide a great learning environment and have an excellent track record of producing successful professionals who have cleared the UPSC CSE.

For UPSC Management optional course we have special Classroom Management  Optional Foundation Course, UPSC CSE Management Optional Mentorship programme and Enriched Study Material for management optional UPSC IAS exam.

Most Demanding Techniques Toppers Recommended Features

Quantitative Techniques in Decision Making

Quotative Technique in Decision Making- Management Optional

Management Optional Demo Class

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Management Courses

Management Optional Classroom Foundation Course


Management Optional 2023-24 Mentorship


Management Optional 2023-24 ENRICHED STUDY MATERIAL


Features of The Management Coaching

Subject-wise tests

Full-length Mock tests

PYQs covered fully

Weekly Mentorship calls

Personal tracking sheet

Hardcopy Paperback Study Materials

Timely Evaluation of Answers written

8 Sectional Tests

4 Full Length Tests

Corporate Case Studies

Micro Diagrams

Thinkers Definitions

Online & Offline Management Optional coaching in Delhi for UPSC CSE

Classroom Foundation Course Features:​

Program duration: 6 Months
  • 5-6 Classes a week
  • Each Classes of 2-2.5 hours of duration
Features of Management Optional Classroom Foundation Course:
  • Hardcopy Paperback Study Materials   (CHECK MATERIAL SAMPES HERE)
  • No need to approach for any other materials
  • 21 Weeks of Daily Answer Writing    (CHECK TESTS SAMPLES HERE)
  • 8 Sectional Tests (4 From Each Paper)
  • 4 Full Length Tests (2 From Each Paper)
  • Timely Evaluation of Answers written
  • Weekly dedicated Mentorship Session
  • PYQ Solutions
  • Revision Short Notes
  • Live + Recording
  • Offline (Delhi) & Online

Enriched Study Material Course Feature:​

Enriched Study Material Paper 1 & 2 : Management Optional UPSC

  1. 100% Syllabus covered
  2. Based on books recommended by UPSC Toppers
  3. Lucid language
  4. Coverage based on UPSC PYQ Pattern

Integrates the value additions recommended by MANAGEMENT OPTIONAL TOPPERS:

1. PYQs Years Marking
2. Powerful Quotations
3. Relevant Examples
4. Corporate Case Studies
5. Micro Diagrams
6. Thinkers Definitions    

Mentorship cum Test Series Course Feature:

3 Phased Management Optional Mentorship cum Test Series Program:

Fresh Batch Starts on coming Monday

Program duration: 6 to 9 Months (mean

Phase 1: Daily Answers (21 weeks)
Phase 2: Subject-wise tests (2 Months)
Phase 3: Full-length Mock tests (1 Month)

Program Validity: Mains 2023 or Mains 2024 as per your need

1. Daily schedule with micro topics target
2. Customized targets based on the individual status of preparation.
3. PYQs covered fully
4. Weekly Mentorship calls
5. Personal tracking sheet
6. Target 3 months for each paper
7. Exam-oriented UPSC pattern questions
8. Flexibility to write Answers as per your timings
9. Online plus offline (Delhi & Kolkata)

UPSC Management Optional Booklists

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Management optional for upsc
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Management optional for upsc
Management optional for upsc
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