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History Optional for UPSC CSE

History optional for UPSC CSE course is a field of study covering the entire period of human history from ancient times to the present.

The course covers subjects such as Ancient History, Medieval History, International Relations, Modern History and Indian Civilization. It focuses on the world’s major civilizations, the major political and economic changes that shaped our world, and the significance of major events.

The course is divided into several parts. First, the students learn the basics of history, such as the meaning of terms such as chronology and historiography.They then delve into ancient history, examining major civilizations and their contributions to the world. Then it goes on to the history of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Enlightenment.

Overall, UPSC Optional History provides a comprehensive understanding of human history from ancient times to the present.

UPSC History Optional Courses

History Optional

Classroom Foundation Course

History Optional

History Map Course

History Optional

Mentorship cum Test Series

UPSC History Optional Course Features

Classroom Foundation Course Features:

History Optional PYQ Classes (Last 10 Years)

Course Features:

• Total 40 Hours of Classes
• 20 Classes of each 2 hrs duration
• 5 Classes a week
• 4 Weeks Class duration
• Class start after Map Course ends
• Includes 4 Printed Books

History Optional Map Course

Course Features:

• Total 15 Classes
• Each Class of 2 Hours Duration
• Includes 2 Printed Books

History Optional Books By Diademy IAS & PYQ Solutions

Know About Your Teacher

Somasekhar’s experience of mentoring UPSC students and appearance in UPSC interviews 2 times make him an ideal mentor to crack the EPFO/APFC exam.
His lucid yet comprehensive way of teaching is very much liked by students.

Currently, he is a senior faculty for UPSC EPFO, APFC & IAS exams.

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