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Management Optional Coaching for UPSC CSE

Looking for the best Management Optional Coaching for UPSC CSE in Delhi? Look no further than Diademy IAS! 

With a proven track record of success and a team of experienced instructors, Diademy IAS is the top choice for students looking to ace their UPSC  exams. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers all the important topics related to management optional subjects, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the optional exam. Additionally, the faculty at Diademy IAS are dedicated to providing personalized attention and support to each student, helping them reach their full potential. Choose Diademy IAS for top-notch management optional coaching in Delhi and start your journey towards success today!

Management as an optional subject is a popular choice among UPSC CSE aspirants and requires great proficiency in the subject to succeed. Therefore, preparing for the UPSC CSE with the help of an experienced mentor or coach can help aspirants to prepare for the exam in the best possible way.

Management optional coaching for the UPSC CSE  at Diademy are designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the subject and help aspirants to gain an edge over their peers. The coaching provide an overview of the syllabus and teach the key concepts and strategies to approach the examination. The coaching also provide guidance on the topics that need special attention and the strategies to effectively tackle the questions in the examination. In addition, the coaching classes focus on developing the aspirant’s analytical and problem-solving skills.

Coaching for the UPSC Management Optional is available both online and offline mode. Online coaching Classes for management optional at Diademy IAS are convenient and cost-effective, while offline coaching is ideal for aspirants who are looking for a more personalised approach. In Online coaching we provide access to video lectures, practice papers and other resources that can be accessed at any time. Offline coaching also called as regular classroom coaching is little expensive then online, but it provides a personalised approach that allows the teacher to understand the aspirant’s strengths and weaknesses and provide guidance accordingly.

CA Rahul Kumar mentored AIR 1 & AIR 16 of UPSC CSE 2023 In addition to hundreds of other toppers so far.

Abhishek Vyas

Management Optional Courses for UPSC by Diademy

Classroom Foundation Course

Program duration: 6 Months
👉5-6 Classes a week
👉Each Class of 2-2.5 hours of duration
Features of Management Optional Classroom Foundation Course:
👉Hardcopy Study Materials  
👉No need to approach for any other materials
👉23 Weeks of Daily Answer Writing   
👉12 Sectional Tests 
👉4 Full-Length Tests (2 From Each Paper)
👉Timely Evaluation of Answers written
👉Weekly dedicated Mentorship Session
👉PYQ Discussion
👉Offline (Delhi) & Online Live Classes

Mentorship cum Test Series Course

3 Phased Management Optional Mentorship cum Test Series Program:

Fresh Batch Starts on coming Monday

Program duration: 9 Months

Phase 1: Daily Answers (23 weeks)
Phase 2: Subject-wise tests (2 Months)
Phase 3: Full-length Mock tests (1 Month)

Program Validity: Mains 2024 or Mains 2025 as per your need

1. Daily schedule with micro topics target
2. Customized targets based on the individual status of preparation.
3. PYQs covered fully
4. Weekly Mentorship calls
5. Personal tracking sheet
6. Target 3 months for each paper
7. Exam-oriented UPSC pattern questions
8. Online plus offline (Delhi & Kolkata)

Management Optional Foundation Course Features

Mock Tests

PYQ Discussion

Answer Writing

Enriched Study Materials

Additional Features

Special training on Answer Writing Tips

Learn Introduction, Body, Conclusion

Subject wise Tests

Daily Answers

Management Optional (Paper 1)
Management Optional (Paper 2)

Our Management Optional Booklists​

Management optional for upsc
Management optional for upsc
Management optional upsc
upsc management optional
upsc management optional books
upsc management optional syllabus
Management optional for upsc
Management optional for upsc

Management Optional Paper 2 Enriched Study Material

On Management Optional Aspirants' Demand

UPSC Management Optional Paper 2 Solution
Quotative Technique in Decision Making- Management Optional
UPSC Management Optional Paper 2 Solution
UPSC Management Optional Paper 2 Solution
UPSC Management Optional Paper 2 Solution
UPSC Management Optional Paper 2 Solution

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