About Us

Diademy is here to crown you, with what is most important to you: your success in Indian Administrative Services (IAS) exams.


Our courses are delivered in such a way that it becomes much more interesting and easier for IAS aspirants to grasp the content. It will not feel like a grind rather much easier in remembering what is important.

At Diademy, we understand your impulse and designed our courses accordingly. The usefulness and relevance are prioritized here so that it becomes more fun & aware than a typical study. Our courses are continuously updated weekly/monthly as per requirement. And we make sure it reaches all our students smoothly and continuously.

Our team consists of experts from different domains who have vast working experience. And they bring together various sets of capabilities that are of importance to your success on the IAS Examination.


DIADEMY as a platform is wholly owned, operated & maintained by Edtech company Thinking Tree Learnings Pvt Ltd”.


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