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Strategy for English Literature Optional UPSC

Each aspirant’s strategy for UPSC comes from their own personal struggle, hence the following need not be taken as the sole way of preparation. The following English Literature Optional UPSC strategy is from a personal experience and takes a cue from successful aspirants like Hamna Mariyam (UPSC Rank- 28, 2016), Anjali S (UPSC Rank- 26,

Everything about Sociology  Optional for UPSC IAS 2020/2021

The civil service examination conducted by the union public service commission is considered to be one of the toughest examinations in India. It is a long rigorous journey consisting mainly of a preliminary examination, the mains examination and an interview round. In this examination, the optional subject consists of 500 marks and hence becomes a

Philosophy Optional For UPSC Optional Syllabus| 2020-21

Philosophy Optional The popularity of Philosophy as an Optional(UPSC Optional Syllabus)is increasing in recent times. In recent years about 800-1000 people choose philosophy as optional among the 10,000 odd candidates taking the mains. The success ratio is somewhere between 5-9% varying in the past 10 years. UPSC CSE, sometimes hailed as one of the toughest

A COMPLETE STRATEGY FOR “Political Science and International Relations” OPTIONAL

Political Science and International Relations: The Optional subject in UPSC constitutes 500 Marks and hence becomes very crucial to get your way to the merit list. Compared to the GS papers, optional subjects are also scoring and hence choosing a good optional becomes one of the most important stage for the aspirant in UPSC preparation.