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Indian Cost Accounting Service Examination

The Indian Cost Accounting Service Examination, a prestigious test for aspiring cost accountants in India. Learn about the exam pattern, eligibility criteria, and study materials to excel in this competitive field. Start your journey towards a rewarding career in cost accounting today.

UPSC Commerce Optional

UPSC Commerce Optional Course

UPSC English Literature Optional

UPSC English Literature Optional Couse

UPSC Management Optional

UPSC Management Optional Couse

UPSC History Optional

UPSC History Optional Course

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Diademy IAS – India’s Premium UPSC Coaching Institute

Welcome to the leading online UPSC coaching institute situated in the heart of Delhi – ORN.  We take great pride in offering top-notch coaching and guidance to aspiring civil servants. Our objective at Diademy IAS is to provide a positive and conducive learning environment that helps students develop the necessary skills and knowledge required to excel in the UPSC examinations. With a team of experienced and dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a comprehensive curriculum, we ensure that our students receive the best possible preparation to achieve their dreams of becoming civil servants. Join us at Diademy IAS – best UPSC coaching in Delhi, where we strive to make your journey towards success in the UPSC examinations a fulfilling and rewarding one.

Diademy stands out as the best UPSC optional coaching institute for several reasons. Our specialized coaching for optional subjects, including Commerce & Accountancy, Management, History, and English Literature, sets us apart from the rest. We understand that choosing the right optional subject is crucial for UPSC success, which is why we offer a diverse range of optional courses tailored to meet the needs and interests of our students.

We offer diverse range of optional courses for UPSC. Our specialized online coaching for Commerce and Accountancy optional covers all key concepts and topics required for success in the UPSC exams. Through its well-structured and user-friendly online platform, students can access a wide range of study materials, video lectures, and practice tests, all designed to enhance their understanding and performance. With its commitment to excellence and a proven track record of success, Diademy IAS is a go-to destination for those aspiring to achieve their dream of becoming civil servants with a Commerce and Accountancy optional. Commerce and Accountancy is a pivotal optional subject for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination, recognized for its broad spectrum of topics vital for understanding financial systems, principles, and practices. From financial accounting to auditing, financial management, and tax accounting, this subject delves deep into the core principles that govern economic activities, making it an indispensable choice for UPSC aspirants with a background or interest in commerce. At Diademy IAS, we offer comprehensive courses tailored to UPSC aspirants seeking excellence in this domain. Our meticulously designed courses ensure aspirants are well-prepared to tackle the UPSC CSE Mains Papers 1 & 2 with confidence, providing in-depth coverage of every aspect of Commerce and Accountancy, and empowering students to excel in their examinations.

Our UPSC Management Optional course is designed to help students master the core principles and theories of management. With a focus on practical applications and real-world scenarios, our coaching prepares students to tackle the UPSC exams with confidence. We have gained recognition as one of the best coaching institutes for UPSC Management Optional preparation. With a focus on providing comprehensive guidance and study materials specifically tailored for Management Optional, Diademy IAS has garnered positive reviews from students for its quality teaching and personalized approach.

History is a popular optional subject among UPSC aspirants, and our coaching program covers all major periods and themes in Indian and world history. We are a prominent coaching institute for History Optional preparation in Delhi. We have a team of experienced faculty members who are subject matter experts in History and provide in-depth guidance to students. Diademy IAS emphasizes conceptual clarity, analytical thinking, and effective answer-writing skills through regular mock tests and personalized feedback sessions. With a reputation for quality teaching and a student-centric approach, Diademy IAS is recognized among the best coaching institutes for History Optional in Delhi.

Our English Literature optional course explores the rich literary traditions of English literature, from classical works to contemporary masterpieces. We offer well-structured courses that cover the entire syllabus of English Literature Optional, along with extensive study materials and resources curated to enhance students understanding and analytical skills. Known for its dedication to quality teaching and commitment to student success, Diademy IAS is recognized as one of the top choices for English Literature Optional coaching in Delhi.

Services We offer:

  • Coaching for the UPSC Civil Services Exam (Prelims, Mains, and Interview)
  • Optional subject coaching for various subjects like History, English Literature, and Commerce & Accountancy
  • Test series for both Prelims and Mains
  • Free resources like daily MCQ questions, news analysis, and study materials


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Explore Free Resources –

We want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to Keep Education Going. Here you will find many free resources for you to useat home.

  • 1. Free courses like question paper analysis will be helpful in improving answer writing skills.
  • 2. UPSC Toppers’ tips and strategies will help in streamline IAS preparation.
  • 3. Free prelims and mains mock tests will be helpful to asses IAS exam preparation.

Prepare for UPSC Optional Papers with the Best Online UPSC Coaching

Online coaching classes for a UPSC aspirant is a boon especially for those who are not from Delhi or working. Diademy IAS online coaching portal allow students to access coaching materials and lectures from anywhere at any time. The online platform also provides personalized study plans tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, the availability of recorded lectures enables students to revisit and revise the content as per their convenience. Discussion forums and live doubt-solving sessions further enhance student engagement and foster a sense of community. Furthermore, our UPSC online coaching provides regular mock tests and performance analysis, which aid in self-assessment and evaluation. With the integration of technology, our online coaching offers interactive learning tools like quizzes, video lessons, and online study materials that cater to different learning styles.

Prepare for UPSC Optional Papers with the best online coaching for optional subjects at Diademy IAS. Our online coaching program offers comprehensive guidance for optional subjects including History, English Literature, and Commerce & Accountancy. Our online platform provides flexibility and accessibility, allowing aspirants to learn at their own pace and convenience. Join Diademy IAS to excel in your UPSC optional papers and achieve your dream of becoming a civil servant. We offer top online live as well as recorded UPSC coaching to help candidates prepare for their optional papers. By providing exclusive guidance on these optional subjects, candidates can enhance their knowledge and skills in their chosen areas, thereby bolstering their chances of success in the UPSC exams.


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Our team consists of experts from different domains who have vast working experience, they bring together various sets of capabilities which are of importance to your success on the IAS Examination.

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H.S. Bhavana – AIR 55

H.S. Bhavana – AIR 55

Diademy IAS Institute’s Mentorship cum test series & Enriched study material help me to achieve my goal.

Rank 64 Anirudh Pandey

Anirudh Pandey – AIR 64

I followed DIADEMY IAS notes to improve my content and score to get the top rank in UPSC

Rank 99 Ankit Nain

Ankit Nain – AIR 99

Team DIADEMY IAS provided me support whenever I needed it the most!

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