Central Vigilance Commission

CVC ·         Established in 1964 by an exclusive resolution of Central govt.

·         Neither const. nor statutory body.

·         2004, Parl. enacted a law conferring statutory.

·         Consists of CVC ( chairperson) & not more than 2 vigilance commission

·         Appointed by President on the recommendation of Committee consist of – PM

Union Minister of Home Affairs

Header of opposition in the LS

·         Hold office for a term of 4 years, or 65 years (whichever is easier)

·         Removed by President on the same grounds as of CIC.

·         Salary & allowance – same – as Chairman of UPSC, vigilance commission are similar to member of UPSC.

Organisation ·         Secretariat

·         Chief Technical Examiner’s wing

·         Wing of commissioners for Departmental Enquiries. (CIDs)

Functions ·         Enquire or cause an enquiry or investigation – on the reference of CG for offences committed under PC Act, 1988.

·         Ambit:

a.       Members of all India services serving in Union and a group “A” officers of Central government.

b.       Specified level of offices of central government

·         Exercise superintendence, give directions, review progress of Delhi special police establishment-CBI.

Working ·         CVC Conducts its proceedings at its Hq. (Delhi)

·         Vested with power to regulate its own procedure

·         All power of a civil court & its proceedings has a judicial character.

·         CVC has present annually to the President a report before each house of Parl.

Jurisdiction All IAS +Group A officers

Officer of rank of Scale V and above in Pvt. Sector bank.

Officer in Grade D & above in RBI, NABARD, SIDBI


Manager (+) in GIC

E-8 & E7 – Group A & B in PSU

Drawing salary above 8700 /-

Whistle blower act -2011 The Public Interest Disclosure & Protection to Person.

Making the disclosure bill, 2010 in LS [26/08/2010]

Received POI Ascent – [2 May/ 2014

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