State Information Commission

Intro Central State Information Commissions + 10 Max state IC – by governor

Committee – CM


State Cabinet Minister

Further, same as, CIC in state increase (above)

Powers And Functions 1.       It is duty of Commission to receive & inquire a complaint from any person.

2.       Commission can order inquiry into any matter if – reasonable grounds (suo-moto power).

3.       While inquiring, the Commission has the powers of a civil court.

4.       The Commission has the power to secure compliance of its decisions from the public authority.

RTI Amendment Act 2019 1.       Provided CIC and IC hold office for tenure as prescribed by CG – before this it was fixed for five years

2.       Provided salary allowances and other services prescribed by central government before this it was similar to that of election offices

3.       Remove provisions regarding deductions in salary of chief information commissioner, information commissioner, State chief information commissioner and State information Commissioner – due to pension or any other retirement benefits received by them for their previous government service

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