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Indian Rhino Vision 2020

What Is Indian Rhino Vision 2020 IRV 2020?

Context: The ambitious Indian Rhino Vision 2020 (IRV 2020) came to a close. Designed in 2005, the IRV2020 is believed to have achieved its target of attaining a population of 3,000 rhinos in Assam. Analysis Launched in 2005 in response to the declining population of rhinos in Assam, the Indian Rhino Vision 2020 was aimed …

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Red Sea

Geographical features of the Red Sea 

Context: An Iranian freighter was hit by an “explosion” in the Red Sea, after U.S. media reported Israel had struck the ship in retaliation for past Iranian strikes on its vessels. Iran was at pains to stress that the freighter was a civilian ship, although other sources said it had been used by Iranian commandos …

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Chenab Bridge

Chenab Bridge: World’s highest Railway Bridge

Context: The Prime Minister has lauded the completion of Arch closure of the Chenab Bridge, World’s highest Railway Bridge in Jammu & Kashmir by Indian Railways It connects Kashmir with the rest of India through a rail line. The 1.315 km long “engineering marvel” will link Bakkal in Katra and Kauri in Srinagar. The Chenab …

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Forest Fires In Uttarakhand

Forest Fires in Uttarakhand 

Context: In April, Uttarakhand has recorded 361 incidents of the forest fire that have damaged 567 hectares, including 380 hectares of reserve forest areas. Forest fires in Uttarakhand start in spring when the trees shed dry leaves and the soil loses moisture due to a rise in temperature.  This ‘forest fire season’ continues usually till mid-June …

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Millets Cultivation in India

Millets Cultivation in India and its benefits 

Millets Cultivation in India: The United Nations has declared 2023 as the International Year of Millets. India, Nigeria and China are the largest producers of millets in the world, accounting for more than 55% of the global production. In India, pearl millet (bajra) is the fourth-most widely cultivated food crop after rice, wheat and maize. …

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Great Indian Bustard

Context: The Supreme Court intervened on behalf of the critically endangered Great Indian Bustard ‘s over the birds falling dead after colliding with power lines running through their dwindling natural habitats in Gujarat and Rajasthan. A Bench led by Chief Justice of India will examine on a priority basis whether overhead power cables can be replaced …

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Deep Ocean Mission

Deep Ocean Mission 

Deep Ocean Mission The Deep Ocean Mission is proposed as a multi-ministerial multi-disciplinary program with an emphasis on the development of deep-sea technology, exploration of deep-sea mineral resources, and biodiversity. Context : Under Deep Ocean Mission it is proposed to develop, test, and demonstrate the mining technology for harvesting polymetallic nodules from the Test Mine Site …

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Detailed Explanation on Whale Sharks 

Context: According to a report by the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, India is now the second-largest shark fishing nation in the world, following Indonesia. In order to conserve its population, whale sharks were included in Schedule I of the Wildlife (Protection) Act of India, 1972, rendering the capture and killing of the fish a …

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Tiau River 

Tiau River -The River of Mizoram

Context: Residents of border areas of Mizoram said people from across the border have been trickling into India after crossing river Tiau that runs along a long stretch of Mizoram’s 404 km border with Myanmar. Analysis Tiau River originates in Mizo Hills in northern Mizoram and ultimately merges with the Tuipui River. Other Important Geographical/Historical …

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