Tiau River -The River of Mizoram

Context: Residents of border areas of Mizoram said people from across the border have been trickling into India after crossing river Tiau that runs along a long stretch of Mizoram’s 404 km border with Myanmar.


  • Tiau River originates in Mizo Hills in northern Mizoram and ultimately merges with the Tuipui River.

Other Important Geographical/Historical sites in Mizoram  – Tiau River

  • Blue Mountain: The highest peak in Mizoram (Mizo Hills).
  • Budha’s Image: An engraved image of Lord Buddha, with those of dancing girls on either side, was found at a site near Lunglei town. 
  • The area is close to the Chittagong Hill Tracts which was under Buddhist influence a few centuries ago. 
  • It is assumed that some visiting Buddhists from the Hill Tracts were responsible for the Buddha engraving.
  • Suangpuilawn Inscriptions: The inscription has not been deciphered till date. However, it is believed that the inscription was done by some people who inhabited the area in ancient times.

Phawngpui Blue Mountain National Park and Mullen National Park are the only two national parks in Mizoram.


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