Sagar Meena UPSC Interview Transcript

Date of Interview: 19 Feb 2024 Forenoon (1st to Go)

Name : Sagar Meena

Subject: Management Optional

Board: Honourable Sanjay Verma Sir,

Duration: 30 minutes

DAF keywords Interest: CSE engineer and MBA, Start-up investments and strategy, MMA, Hockey, NSS


We have 28 minutes for you and would like you to think multi-dimensional to the questions asked.

  • Compare and contrast cricket and badminton in India.
  • Bring out ways as how sports contribute to social empowerment.
  • Between cricket and badminton which is more gender egalitarian in India.

Member 1:

  • Why is india lagging in technological revolutions vis-à-vis west?
  • How can india ride the next wave of tech disruptions?
  • What are the major challenges faced by Indian startup’s and how can they be given a push?

Member 2:

  • What are the criticism faced by india in defence technology?
  • Given tight budgetary space, what should be DRDO primary areas of interest?

Member 3:

  • Give an account of a challenging situation you faced in life and how you overcame it.
  • How do you respond to challenging situations at work?3. What skills did you gain as an investment banker useful to bureaucracy?

Member 4:

  • What is the motto of NSS?
  • What activities did you do in NSS?
  • Should NSS NCC or Bharat scouts be made compulsory?
  • What is one best investment that a person can make in life? (Answered- Investment in the form of education for human capital development)


Can you highlight one good and one not-so-good-thing that IIMs are doing?

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