Deepankar Singh UPSC Interview Transcript

Name: Mr. Deepankar Singh

Optional Paper: Management

Date of interview: 29 January afternoon

Interview board: Swain sir

Daf pointers: Lucknow, Gwalior, BTech (IT), MBA, Formula-one, financial markets, police, philately

Interview transcript:

Chairman: straightaway

  • tell me the history of philately
  • where is the philately museum in Delhi (exact location)

Than turned his chair away and started typing on the keyboard.

M2 (lady)

  • I learnt to use computers after my graduation and now new technologies are coming up. How will you encourage the Indian people to become tech savy ?
  • how to promote tourism in UP ?
  • why do you want to join the services after such a great academic background?
  • what are the pros and cons of having only government run schools in the country ?

M3 (seated closest to me on the right)

  • how will you use technology in policing?
  • what are the pros and cons of social media ?
  • how is technology mis-used in Taiwan elections ?
  • what is the smallest pair of whole numbers used to form a right angle triangle? (Weird question in between opinion based questions)
  • what leadership style will you prefer in the services ?

Chairman turned back towards me.


  • how is cutting edge technology in formula-one used in day to day life ?
  • comment on the financial markets in India
  • asked me some random term


  • if there is formula one then there must be formula two formula three formula four, what are these?
  • compare the economic condition of UP and MP ?
  • why Indian PSUs are not performing as great as those of Singapore and Dubai?
  • which PSUs of India are you bullish on and why?

Time – 30-32 mins

Assessment of the board: The lady was smiling whereas the other members were poker-faced so I don’t know how it went. The chairman turned away in the middle of the interview and started typing on the keyboard. The only mock I found closer to the actual exam in terms of seating was Samkalp. The mocks relevant to the board’s questions were – Testbook, Unacademy, Studyiq and Chahal. One to one with Khan sir and Ravindran sir was helpful.

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