Divyanshu Jaiswal UPSC Interview Transcript

Name- Divyanshu Jaiswal

Optional- Management

Board – Swain Sir

Date – 16/1/2024

Keywords- Pulp and Paper, Ukulele, Biographies, Rural Development, Management


  • Which biographies have read?
  • Why are you reading old biographies?
  • Links between cooperatives and farmers producer companies?
  • Why Tribhuvan Das Patel is the unsung hero?


  • Why Sahyadri FPC successful?
  • Which is more important Cooperative political leaders or CEO?
  • You waited for about 4 hours, how we can improve this process?
  • What makes you angry?


  • Why do we import papers?
  • Why have you taken rare subject like management as optional?
  • What is corporate governance?
  • Which body is responsible for upholding corporate governance?
  • What’s the need of new accounting standards?
  • Difference between ukulele and guitar?


  • Is FPC a good idea?
  • As a DM, how would you promote FPCs in your district?
  • Why government took back the farm acts?


  • What is your stand on capital punishment for rapists?
  • Some NGOs aggressive promote such causes, what do you think?
  • Any famous biographies related to today’s date – 16th January

Overall experience- Cordial board

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