Anjali Gupta UPSC Interview Transcript

Board : Dinesh Dasa

Date – 07-03-24

Background: CA; Commerce & Accountancy, extempore (hobby)

Name: Ms. Anjali Gupta

Transcript ques

  • What is your profile in Sports Authority of India?
  • Amritsar is 200 km from your home, why don’t we have Amritsar as capital
  • Why Punjab saw downfall from 1st rank in GSDP per capita to now, not in top 10?
  • Should APMC laws be liberalized?
  • Whenever reforms are brought, middlemen come in between reforms. How should we tackle them?
  • Why BSF jurisdiction in Punjab was extended? Upto which limit? Why Punjab govt protested? What is present status
  • Extempore speech 4-5 lines – Women is rightly placed at home
  • How narco terrorism exist in Punjab
  • New provision in new Criminal laws which benefited women
  • Any supreme court judgement in last 2 year in favor of women
  • Do you think Punjab make efficient use of water? Yes/ No. state reason for some
  • How will you convince people of Punjab to bring efficiency in water usage
  • What is de-dollarisation? Why it is happening? Will India benefit or lose from it? What India is doing against this mechanism?
  • What is Balance of payment?
  • What do you think rupee will strengthen or weaken against dollar in coming years?
  • I said strengthen . History says opposite. Rupee has been depreciating till now. Hopefull, it does not repeat in future?

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