Harsh Santosh Lodha UPSC Interview Transcript

Name of Candidate – Harsh Santosh Lodha

Board: Choubey Sir

Optional: Commerce & Accountancy

Welcomed me into the room cordially and asked me to sit

1) Do you have 2 names? What do your friends call you? (Maharashtra so second name is father’s name)

2) Tell me about your academic and work experience?


  • Armies of all countries are called by their countries name. What is difference with Chinese army and why is it called so?
  • What is the status of relation between China and Taiwan?
  • What are the strategic implications to India if Chinese army invades Taiwan?
  • Why does India adopt one china policy even after china constantly violating our territorial sovereignty? What would you do if u were a foreign secretary?
  • What are the implications of india if semiconductor chip industry move from taiwan to usa?


  • Have you visited North east?
  • Why is north east important?
  • Government initiatives to develop north east?
  • Tell me briefly about manipur issue?
  • Why is government required to take inmidiate steps in manipur?
  • What as per you is required to better handle north east as a whole?


  • What do you teach?
  • How does a child learn value education?
  • Are values taught or caught?
  • How is drone technology used today in India?
  • What is the future scope of drone technology?
  • What is socio emotional learning?


  • Historic perspective of Russia-Ukraine war
  • Why is it not stopping?
  • Role of NATO in war
  • Role of UK in war
  • Can this war be stopped? Who can stop it?


Is there anything more u want to discuss on

Thank you, interview is over!

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