Shiwani Gupta UPSC Interview Transcript

Date – 14/03/2024

Afternoon session, 4th to go

Board: Sanjay Verma sir (all male members)

Name: Shiwani Gupta, AIR – 428

Subject: Commerce Optional


  • since you have written mandala art as your hobby so I’m giving you a challenge to draw the art & simultaneously we will take your interview
  • you have mentioned mental health awareness in your DAF so consider India as an individual & tell me what all a mentally ill India looks like
  • what are the 5 physical illness faced by sick india & arrange them in priority order (eg diabetes, respiratory illness)


  • what is the difference between indian accounting standards & ones that are being followed in USA
  • should india shift to international accounting standards practices
  • what is disclosure principle in accounting & name 4 more
  • what is difference between qualified & disclaimer of opinion in auditing
  • what are big 4 ? According to you which Indian firm has the potential to become big 5 or at least come in top 100 in world
  • what are the various regulatory agencies being established in india? Arrange them in priority order
  • what is your opinion on multiple regulatory agencies? Don’t you think we should club them for better administration?
  • your view on recent action taken by RBI on Paytm ? Paytm has contributed a lot towards financial inclusion so is it right on part of RBI taking such stringent action?
  • (follow up ques) don’t you think in recent times increase in strictness is curbing the scope of innovation
  • you are made the DM of Panchkula ( my home district), what will be the 5 policy measures you will take with respect to sustainability because a lot of industrial development is happening around the area
  • list down 3 top most qualities that a public servant must have & arrange them as per your priority.

Board was very very cordial…all the members were cheerful & also helped me in between

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