Advocate General of the State

Art. 165  ·         Highest law officer in the state

·         Respond to Attorney General

·         Appointed by the governor qualified as J (HC)


Ø  Citizen of India

Ø  Adv of HC-10 Years

Ø  In Judicial office for 10 years.

Ø  Term, Salary, Remuneration removal procedure-not fixed as, so by governor order or pleasure.

Duties ·         To give advice to the government of the state on legal matters referred by governor.

·         To perform such other duties as assigned by governor.

·         To discharge function conferred him by the government.

Functions ·         To appear before any court

·         To speak & to take part

·         All the privilege & immunities of Advocate-General are available to member of state Legislature.

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