State Public Service Commission

SPSC Articles (i.e., 315 to 323 in Part XIV)

Commissioner (chairman) + other Members by governor.

No qualification except ½, 10 year government or state services.

Chairman & member – 6 year term /62 years of age; by resignation

acting chairman → when office is vacant

unable to perform function

Removal By President same as UPSC Independence only chairman of SPSC →UPSC member or chairman.
Independence Safeguards to ensure independence:

a.       Chairman or member can be removed by the office of President only – security of tenure

b.       Conditions of service determined by Governor.

c.        Entire expenses including salaries allowances and pensions – charged to the consolidated fund of State

d.       Chairman is eligible for appointment as chairman of UPSC but not for any other government post

e.        Chairman or any other member not eligible for reappointment

Function 1.       All the examination of appointment of service of state consulted in

2.       All recruitment for civil service

3.       All principles relating to appointment of civil service & transfer.

4.       All disciplinary matters other SC as UPSC.

Limitations UPSC, only governor
Role The Constitution visualises the SPSC

·         Watchdog of merit system

·         Recruitment by state.

·         Not concerned with training, advisory, body

S.(VC) – 1964 – dilute

Same as UPSC

SPSC is constituted by governor for judicial service other than DJ, HC is also concerned.

JOINT STATE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION For two or more state/by Parliamentarian acts statutory body.

Chairman – appointment or removed by POI – 6/62 years.

No. of members&chairman by POI.

JSPSC – to concerned each governor – SLA

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