1687-88 The first municipal corporation in India Madras.
1726 The municipal corporations were set up in Bombay and Calcutta.
1935 Local self-government was declared as a provincial subject Rajiv Gandhi (65th CA); VP singh failed by Narshima Rao by 74 CA, 1992.

Central level – urban local government dealt with following three ministries:

a.       Ministry of housing and urban affairs.

b.       Ministry of defence in case of Cantonment board.

c.        Ministry of home affairs in case of UT’s

74TH AMENDMENT ACT OF 1992 Part IX-A, ‘The Municipalities’ Articles 243- P to 243-ZG, 12th schedule was added Constitutional status to Municipalities.
Salient Features Three Types of Municipalities The act provides for the constitution of the following three types of municipalities in every state.

1. Nagar panchayat for a transitional village- low developing area population – less than 3 Lakh.

2. Municipal council (Nagar Parisad) small – Urban area 3 to 20 Lakhs.

3. Municipal corporation Large Urban area More Than 20 Lakhs.

74th CA A New District Planning Commission, Constitutional body mentioned in Const.

Number is not fixed 4/5 should be elected

1. District Panchayat

2. Municipalities in the district

1/5 Nominated Chairperson – senior officer

Urban Planning recommend government

Metro- Politian (Metropolitan Planning Committee) Constitutional Body (2/3rd)      &                      1/3rd   Nominate

↓                                                                            ↓

Elected Member of Municipality                          Chairperson of the Panchayat

Types of Urban Govt Types of urban local bodies created for urban administration:

a.       Municipal Corporation.

b.       Municipality.

c.        Notified area committee.

d.       Town area committee.

e.        Cantonment board.

f.        Township.

g.        Port trust.

h.       Special-purpose agency

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