Chief Minister

Real Executive Head Appointed by Govt. on the basis of Rec. of Sarkaria Commission CM should not prove majority before appointed.

6 months for a person to get member of any house.

Oath Governor – [other + office of secrecy]
Term Not fixed, during pleasure of POI

Governor dismiss only if he/she lack of majority.

Salary By State Legislature (SL) + supplementary allowance etc.
Powers In Relation with COM (Council of Ministers)

·         Suggest the name for appointment

·         Allocate or reshuffle portfolio

·         Ask minister to resign or advice Govt to dismiss

·         Preside guide, controls, coordinate all the COM & meeting can bring collapse by resigning/ CM Resignation/death automatically dissolves COM.

In Relation to the Governor

·         Principal Channel of communication b/w Governor and COM

·         Advisor for appointment of advocate general, member of state Public service commission etc.

In Relation to the State Legislature

·         Advice governor for summoning, proroguing, dissolution etc.

·         Announces the govt policies to SL.

Other powers ·         Chairman of the state , Planning Board &Act as V. Chairman of Zonal Council (1 Year)

·         Member of the Inter-State Council, National Development Council & chief spoken person of government.

·         Crisis manager in chief at political level during Emergency.

Article 163 COM to aid & advice governor.
Article 164 Other provision as to Ministers

·         CM appointed by the governor and other ministers appointed by the governor on the advice of the Chief Minister;

·         The ministers shall hold office during the pleasure of governor; and

·         COM collectively responsible to the legislative assembly of the state.

Article 166 Conduct of business to the govt. of a state
Article 167 Duties of CM as respect the furnishing of Information to Governor etc.

·          Communicate to the governor all decisions of COM relating to the administration of the affairs of the state and proposals for legislation;

·         Furnish information relating to the administration of the affairs of the state and proposals for legislation as the governor may call for

·         Submit for the consideration of the COM any matter on which a decision has been taken by a minister but which has not been considered by the council – if governor requires


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