Q . Battle of Plassey showed how to rule India but it was the Battle of Buxar that showed who will rule India. Critically analyze.  (10 marks, 150 words, GS-1, Modern History)


From early 18th century, the Mughal Empire began to show the sign of disintegration. There was war of succession, the nobles became inactive, many efficient nobles left the court and started consolidating their independent states. And hence there created a type of vacuum at Delhi.

Marathas were trying to fill this vacuum and provide a pan-India Empire but due to their administrative structure, were failing. In this meanwhile, the East India Company (EIC) began to consolidate their position apart from trading. They defeated Siraj-ud-daula in Battle of Plassey in 1754 and thus strengthened themselves in the political scene.

But the real ground to rule India was provided by the battle of Buxar when the EIC came in war with Mir Qasim, Nawab of Oudh and Mughal Emporer Shah Alam II. With the defeat of the confederacy, the Mughal dominion came to an end.

The EIC now got the full sway over the entire territory held by the Mughals. Hence it is being argued by many historians that the Battle of Plassey taught British how to rule India and the Battle of Buxar showed that who will rule India. 



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