What is a Trust Vote? 

A confidence motion or a trust vote is a procedure for the government to prove its majority in the House. 

  • A trust vote can take place by way of a motion of confidence which is moved by the government or brought by the opposition. 
  • It is a motion normally proposed by the Prime Minister/Chief Minister to test the majority in the Lok Sabha/State Assembly. 
  • Such an exercise normally takes place when a new government is set to be formed. Any party will first have to prove its majority on the floor of the House before taking over. 
  • A trust vote can also be brought about if a government resigns and another party stakes a claim to form the government. 
  • If the confidence motion is negatived, it results in the fall of the government. 

Can a no-confidence motion be ignored?

  • As per the rules, a no-confidence motion takes precedence over any other business of the house. 
  • A no-confidence motion cannot be ignored,” explained PDT Acharya, former Secretary-General of the Lok Sabha. “Unlike other motions, a speaker has no say in admitting or not admitting a no-confidence motion. It is admitted by the House itself.”
  • Given how inaccurate voice votes are, they are rarely if ever used for something as critical as when the house decides to show it support (Trust Vote) – or lack thereof (No-Confidence Motion) – in the government. 
  • Manipur’s confidence motion in August 2020 might be the first time a voice vote has been used in this way in Indian history.

No-confidence motion against Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman 

  • Around 47 members of opposition parties moved a no-confidence motion against Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh Singh after two controversial farm bills were passed amid an unprecedented uproar. 
  • A no-confidence motion against the Deputy Chairman is a first in parliament and the convention is that Mr Singh should not preside over house sessions till the matter is settled.


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