State Legislature

Art → 168-212 No uniformity, bicameral legislature
ORGANISATION OF STATE LEGISLATURE 2018→ 7 state, bicameral Legis.AP, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Jammu and Kashmir.

22state unicameral legislature.

When Bicameral STATE LEGISLATURE (SL)→Governor + L.C. + LA→ Vidhan Sabha or Lower house upper house or Vidhan Parishad.

Created or abolished→ by Parl.

2/3rd [P+V] + 50% SLApasses a resolution

CriticisedNo the house of Representative

COMPOSITION OF TWO HOUSES 1. Composition of Assembly

Strength→ representatives of the directly elected people on universal adult franchise. Max = 500 & Min =60

Nomination→ one member of Anglo Indian (for 10 year but Later increase for 10 years (1960))

85th CA2020

Territorial Constituencies→ demarcation of these Consistuency, equal representation = ratio b/w population at state remain same throughout the state.

Readjustment→ Total no. of seat in assembly, territorial Consistuency Parl. Empower to make Laus.

2. Composition of Council1/3rd of the total strength of the assembly Except JK-32 and minimum strength is 40.

Duration→ SLA5 Yeardissolved at any time/extend 1 year within 6 month revocation of emergency & be elected.

Qualification→ Citizen of India, Oath in front of election Commission

SLA = 25 years, SC – 30 years.

Other Qualification as People representation Act 1951 Disqualification→ Any office of profit, insolvent, unsound mind, acquire citizenship of foreign.

Oathgovernor ordy by governor.

Speaker, Dyspeaker, Dy Chairsame as Parl.

Summon/Adjournment/ Prorogation/Dissolution same as Parl. (By governor & speaker)

Legislative procedure same as Parliament

Quorum 1/10 No Joint Session.
Language Official Lang. of state English or Hindi, but P.O. can Permit a member to address mother tongue.

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