Cabinet Committees

Features of Cabinet Committee 1.       They are extra constitutional and emergence – not mentioned in Constitution – rules of business provide for establishment.

2.       Two types – standing and ad hoc –  Standing is temporary &ad hoc is permanent.

3.       Setup by the PM – according to the requirements of the situation-number, nomenclature, composition varies from time to time.

4.       3-8 member – usually include Cabinet Minister – Non-cabinet members are not a debarred

5.       Mostly headed by Prime Minister

a.       Sometimes Cabinet ministers -home Minister, finance Minister – act as chairman – Prime Minister still a member of committee

b.       Include ministers in charge of subjects + other senior ministers.

6.       Decisions also taken – subject to review of cabinet.

7.       They are organisational devices to reduce enormous workload of cabinet – also facilitate examination of policy issues and effective coordination.

8.       Based on division of labour and effective delegation

2019 Functional Committees ·         Committee on political affairs.

·         Committee on economic affairs.

·         Appointments committee of Cabinet.

·         Cabinet committee on security.

·         Cabinet committee on Parliamentary affairs.

·         Cabinet committee on accommodation.

·         Cabinet committee on investment and growth.

·         Cabinet committee on employment and skill development.

Functions 1.       Political affairs committee – policy matters pertaining to domestic and foreign affairs.

2.       Economic affairs committee – control and direction of government activities and economic sphere.

3.       Appointments committee-all high-level appointments (Central Secretariat, public enterprises banks and financial institutions)

4.       Parliamentary affairs –progress of government business in Parliament-chaired by Home Minister.

GoMs (Groups of Ministers) ·         Some GoMs take discussion on the behalf of Cabinet where as other make recommendation to Cabinet.

·         Constituted to look into various issues/subjects.

·         Ministers heading the concerned ministries – facing issues and critical problems – are inducted into relevant GoMs

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