Last 10 Days Tips for Prelims 2020

Now almost 10 days are left for prelims. As the number of days is reducing, the anxiety and stress among the candidates are increasing. The high-level of competition is not a hidden secret to anybody, especially to UPSC CSE aspirants, and that is why everybody tries to put their best efforts. The effort and hard work of the entire month can either be upgraded or downgraded 10 days before UPSC prelims 2020. To make sure you are not among the one who unknowingly downgrades their preparation, you need to follow some tips that will help on the D-Day.

Remember, If you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything in life.

Tip 1: Encourage your efforts

You have studied a lot in the last year. You have done a lot of hard work for this exam. Now its time to encourage your efforts and hard work and be thankful for everything you have right now.

Tip 2: Stop Searching for the Strategies Now

For an entire year, you have made plans, tried and tested different strategies, and made a lot of schedules. Now its time to stop everything and just focus on whatever you have already studied. You just need to do these three things for the next 10 days:

  • Sleep and Relax: Sleep for 6-8 hours daily. Your mind needs rest to work at its best. Also, do not over-sleep in the name of relaxing.
  • Balanced Diet Food: Do not, I repeat do not eat anything that can affect your health. Stay away from junk and unhealthy food. Eat home-cooked meals only. Eat nutritious food that is good for your mind and body.
  • Now Study: Now you do not have anything else to do, so dedicate your entire time only for studying.

This is when you have a study and only study for the whole day. Do nothing else. Everything other than studying will be a distraction for this time period. Your last 10 days matters a lot, so use this time in the best possible way.

Tip 3: Be Productive 

We all want to complete all the leftover things by the next hour or the next day if the pressure arrives. Please refrain from doing so at the UPSC Prelims 2020. It’s very normal when students try to do everything in the last few days, and when you try to do everything, we often end up doing nothing. Trying to cover the entire syllabus in one or two days will not help in your prelims preparation. So, time management is very important to be productive in the last 10 days.

If you know the skills of time management, then you will not have to work for stress management.

Few days before prelims can be the battle of nerves, but if you focus on managing the time smartly, you can be very productive.

Tip 4: Make a Checklist 

Time-management is possible until you write it down. Make a checklist for the day and then stick to your To-Do List for that day. Do not add random things in your list, and avoid doing such things also. If you get involved in random useless things, you will less time for your UPSC preparation on that day and eventually less time at the end of the week. Make a list and start working on your list.

Because If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Tip 5: Make the Most Out of Your Morning Hour

If you make some rules for yourself, please stick to that. As soon as you wake up, you should think only about studying and nothing else. Do the important things of the morning without wasting time and start studying within one hour of waking up. Pre-decide your day, a day before because if you take too much time in planning, then your morning hours will not be that much productive. If you have a plan ready for today, then all you have to do is, start doing it.

Tip 6: Avoid Useless Talking

Do not talk to anyone who you think will not help you in your preparation journey, especially those who criticize you for this step. Of course, talk to your mentor, family, and good friends, but be away from people whom you find negative in any way.

Tip 7: Complete your Decided Work

It is important to complete the dedicated topics on that day only. If you leave one topic for the next day, you will have 10 topics to cover at the end and then you will not have much time. This comes under self-discipline, so it is very important to inculcate if you want to clear UPSC Prelims 2020. Nobody enjoys hard work, but the rewards are often enjoyed by everybody and it can be breathtaking if you put all your efforts into achieving that aim.

Battles are won by courage.

Push yourself every day for covering that one more topic.

Tip 8: No new Addition

Please do not add new topics or anything related to the UPSC Prelims 2020. Going to learning new things at this stage will take a lot of time because of anxiety, so it is not at all recommended. Revise everything that you have covered already. Even if your best friend or any senior recommend you some new topic, do not fall into the trap. Believe in yourself that you have studied a lot and you can perform well using that knowledge. Do not run after gaining more knowledge, use your analytical and logical ability to perform well in the examination.

All the Best

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