How Working Professionals Can Prepare for UPSC

UPSC that stands for Union Public Service Commission ranks in the world’s 2nd toughest exam. Preparing for this exam by working professional becomes even the toughest thing to do. It’s not about the pay scale or the facilities that are given to the officers, but it’s the power and the post at which an individual gets attracted to. Serving for the nation is always the main priority for the officers with a good working environment. The majority of candidates appearing for the UPSC civil services examination holds their full- time job as a good source in their ultimate goal of becoming an IAS officer. But, this next to impossible work can also be achieved by an individual while pursuing a job. Some candidates have already cracked UPSC with a job and now serving the nation.

Things that Should be Done Before UPSC Preparation 

Getting motivated- It’s a saying that, ‘’First things first’’. This implies on the preparation for both person who wants to prepare for UPSC while working, and the one who are beginners. In Civil services, each person has a different starting point, level of motivation, and journey. Please don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Be positive and focused upon your preparation.

Stop looking for ‘’perfect strategy’’- One should understand that there is none ‘’perfect strategy’’. Some might be very bad in History, what purpose would it solve if that person follows someone and over- reads Geography or other subjects? Have faith in your uniqueness.

Handling the family- This is a very big issue for the married aspirants; even becomes bigger if they want to prepare for IAS. A lot of times it is not the immediate family, but the relatives and their words for demotivating. Please avoid them as much you can. Just keep your close family on your side which can understand your hunger. Don’t be a part of family groups.

Avoid social media- You need to have this in mind before preparing for UPSC while working. There is a huge subconscious implication of social media in our life. People say that you will get plenty of knowledge regarding preparation in social media, don’t mark their words. There was a time when this social media was not acting as if now and still people were clearing UPSC examination while having a job. 

Don’t quit your job- Leaving your job at the start of your preparation is not a good decision as it can affect career progression. You can opt for reducing your workload, but don’t quit the job. The salary you are earning can be used for various preparation aspects. Work experience also helps score well during the UPSC Interview.

Maintaining a time table- Time table plays a big role in clearing the UPSC examination. Mainly if you are a working professional and wish to clear the UPSC examination it should be followed strictly. Having a job will provide you with a very little amount of time for the preparation. Some of the successful candidates that clear the IAS examination while working suggest that at least 2 hours every day should be given for General Studies. During your working hours go through current affairs and newspaper analysis aiming to give 45 minutes for both. 2 hours must be given for optional subjects, and at the time of dinner, revision is a must. During weekends increase your time limits and if possible attempt a mock test.

Be Alert- Stay alert with the current affairs and on-going events within the nation. If possible, improve the writing skill and work upon them as it will help for your Mains Qualification. Knowing about the topic from head to toe is very important. At free times while working discuss with your colleagues about the nation scenario or over any current affairs topics to get more ideas about the content briefly. With this, you can even revise upon a topic for the UPSC Exam while working.

Never lose enthusiasm and have faith in your hard work. Many individuals are now IAS Officers who have cleared IAS examination while working. Even with their hard shifts, they achieved success. If a person working as a bus conductor can crack UPSC while working, then any individual can do. Focus on productive and making the journey better, and if possible take inspiration from someone who has gone through this. Make each day count by achieving an everyday goal. Maintain a good sleep schedule. Your purpose is too small if UPSC can defeat it. Don’t allow that to happen, millions of people out there are counting on you.



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