GS-1 Mains Current Issues UPSC Mains

UPSC GS PAPER 1 2020 – Current issues:-

Sub-topic 1: Features and diversity of Indian Society:

  1. Increasing trends of narrow ideologies in Indian Society, their causative factors and solutions.
  2. Inhuman practices against humanity in the name of religion- causes, challenges and solution. (In context of Anti-superstition Bill passed by Karnataka state Assembly).
  3. Live-In Relationships and their need for regulation. (Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission made demand for the regulation).
  4. Social Security and safety to elderly population in India. (Pandemic)
  5. Condition of old Age in India (Elder Abuse Study Report 2019).
  6. Internal displacement crisis faced by tribal communities in India- Trends, issues and Challenges, solutions. (Bru Community displaced).
  7. Problems of Manual Scavenging and Solutions.
  8. Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and senior citizens (Amendment) Bill, 2019.
  9. Initiatives taken to facilitate Livelihood of tribal people in India.
  10. LGBTQ – Right to Privacy-Issues in Indian Society regarding these rights.

Sub-topic 2: Issues related to Women: UPSC GS PAPER 1

  1. Importance of Literacy of Female in tackling the problem of Malnutrition in Children and overall development prospects of Children.
  2. The issue of working women and issues faced by them (Maternity Benefit Bill raised concerns regarding their employment preferences by employers).
  3. The increasing focus on STEM courses for Women/Girl Students.
  4. Rising Crime against Women (Report of National Crime Records Bureau).
  5. Rising Gender Gap in India (India’s Rank fell in Global Gender Gap Index released by World Economic Forum).
  6. Issues around Surrogacy in India and Analysis of the Surrogacy Bill, 2019.
  7. Role of banning triple talak in bringing Socio-economic Changes in India. (Tripple talak Bill passed in Parliament).
  8. Hindrances to Women’s entry into STEM Courses.
  9. Role of family in enhancing greater role for Women.
  10. Gender-Based discrimination in job market.
  11. Sexual Violence against women and legal system (Nirbhaya Verdict).
  12. Issues and Laws related to abortion.
  13. Debates surrounding Article 15 in Women.
  14. Impact of falling fertility rate on child-sex ration and resulting population dynamics in India. (Fertility rate fell in World Population Prospects Report, 2019).
  15. Criminalizing Marital Rape and debates around it. 
  16. Issues around Patriarchy, concepts like Sarpanch Pati and Feminine Poverty.

Sub-topic 3: Issues related to Population:

  1. The controversy surrounding policy and action for population control.
  2. India soon to become most population- concerns and challenges, opportunities, impact, etc.
  3. Two Child norms in government institutions.
  4. Debates around Demographic dividend- Increasing Indian Population-good or bad?

Sub-topic 4: Issues related to Poverty and Development:

  1. The term “Period Poverty”, its status and influence in India.
  2. The effectiveness of government policies in tackling poverty in India. (Recently a number of schemes faced setbacks and are running behind the time to complete the targets),
  3. Assessing the situation of Hunger in India- Causes and Solutions (India’s rank slipped in Global Hunger Index, 2019),
  4. Poverty and poverty line – Inequalities and exclusions,

Sub-topic 5: Issues and Remedies related to Urbanization:

  1. Concerns and Challenges around Social Mobility (Global Social Mobility Report, 2019).
  2. Contribution of urbanization in India’s Socio-economic growth.
  3. Problems associated with India’s waste management systems (In context of sewage workers dying in Tanks).
  4. The issue of integrated cities and Urban Planning.
  5. India’s Water Crisis.
  6. Aspects of Municipal Governance and urban management in Indian Cities.
  7. Migrants in Indian Cities- Are they burden or resource for urban life- Impact on cities and urban development, reduction of jobs for local population and issues around, Should they be considered Outsiders? (NRC in Assam)
  8. Urban -Rural Migration, state of migration in India- trends and issues, challenges and Solutions. How Indian cities failed to assimilate migrant population? (Lockdown woes)
  9. Assess Ease of living in Indian Cities. (Ease of Living Index, 2019)
  10. The term “Urban Commons” was in the news in context of Liveable cities.
  11. Indian Cities, Climate Change, and Sustainability.
  12. Indian Cities Vs. Slum-dwellers.

Sub-topic 6: Communalism, Regionalism and Secularism:

  1. Mob Lynching, hate speech, violence, etc: Causes and Impacts.
  2. Attack on student community: Causes and Impacts.
  3. Increasing cause for regionalism- threat for Indian unity and Integrity- challenges and solutions.
  4. Increasing incidents of communal violence in India- trend analysis, causative factors,etc (In context of Delhi Violence).
  5. CAA issue and debates surrounding secularism, need of pluralism and secularism for Indian Democracy.
  6. Hate Speech, its role in disturbing tolerance.
  7. Secularism in News (Ayodhya Verdict, Ram Janmbhoomi Case).
  8. Difference between communalism and religiousness.

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Geography: UPSC GS PAPER 1

  1. Assam Floods- issues behind the consistent floods.
  2. The economic survey pointed out that India’s population growth rate will decline- facts leading, impact on the Cdemographic dividend, issues involved, debates around demographic dividend, etc
  3. National Policy on Bio-fuels- Analysis.
  4. India’s ambitious goal to achieve Land Degradation Neutrality, etc.
  5. India has seen the degradation of its wetlands in recent times- The importance of wetlands causes for degradation, challenges in degradation. Etc.
  6. Distress in the poultry sector due to Viral Pandemic- trends and challenges in the sectors.
  7. Explosive cyclogenesis (recent cyclones) and their impact on local weather.
  8. Atlantic Meridional Overturning Current .
  9. Tropical cyclones.
  10. Lightening and Thunderstorms- Factors leading and impact.
  11. Phenomenon of North-East Monsoon.
  12. El-nino Phenomenon- Researchers have found out that el-nino are going to be more frequent- their impact on monsson, agriculture, economy etc.

Indian History, Art, and Culture:UPSC GS PAPER 1

    1. Role of Indian Handicrafts in the Indian economy- trends, Challenges, solutions.
    2. Factors that have impacted the development of Indian Music.
    3. Tipu Sultan was in the news- his rule, lessons to learn, relevance in current scenario.
    4. Hongkong Protests- one country two systems- demand for democracy and impact.
    5. Megalithic Culture- Menhirs were found in Kerala.
    6. Contribution and Philosophy of Guru Ravidas (Birth Anniversary).
    7. Connect Mughal paintings with contemporary social and economic life.
    8. The refugee crisis faced the world today- factors leading, impact, challenges. Etc.
    9. Nagardhan Excavations- significance in understanding the Vakataka Kingdom.
    10. The relevance of Antiquities art and treasuries act.
    11. Role and contribution of Ashafullah Khan in Freedom Struggle (In UP a zoological park is being named after him).
    12. About Unesco World Heritage Sites- Analysis (Jaipur got the Status of UNESCO WHS).
    13. Amravati School of Art and other schools like Gandhara and Mathura- their relevance, difference, and features. (Relics similar to Amravati stupa were unearthed recently)
    14. Nehru Liaquat Agreement of the 1950s was recently discussed in the context of CAA debates.
    15. Mamallapuram and history related to it (India-China Informal Summit held).
    16. Role of various historical movements, art, Movements ex. Bhakti Movement etc. in the present context.
    17. History related to Maharaja Ranjit Singh (Recently his statue was revealed)lectures (A stucco sculpture has recently been unearthed) .
    18. Guru Nanak Birth Anniversary- Relevance of his teachings.
    19. Importance, the relevance of work and legacy of Ishwar Chandra Vidya Sagar (Recently his statute was vandalized).
    20. Nagara Style of Architecture (Khajuraho temple was in the news).
    21. Role of Classical languages in the present context- eg Impact on Democracy, social life, development of other languages, relevance in present times (Recently, demands were raised to make Marathi a classical language).
    22. Indigenous Languages- relevance in present-day society, etc (2019- UN Year of Indigenous languages).
    23. Role of Muhammad Iqbal in the national movement, Muslim League, Idea of Pakistan, etc (In Controversy).
    24. Role of Vallabhbhai Patel in strengthening Indian Democracy.
    25. About Buddhist stupas and other scriptures- Relevance and importance in present times (Chaukhandi stupa declared scripture of national importance).
    26. Thiruvalluvar and his contribution in Tamil literature (In controversy).


  • Jallianwallah Bagh- Analysis (National Memorial Act was passed).



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