Advantages Of Answer Writing Practice for UPSC

Answer writing practice holds a crucial part in UPSC CSE because the Mains part is descriptive in nature. Unlike UPSC Prelims which is objective, UPSC Mains requires a lot of writing practice. You have to continuously write for the entire 3 hours, so you have to be in action to apply your writing skills on the day of the exam.

“The Only Difference Between Ordinary and Extra-ordinary is Practice”- Vladimir Horowitz

Most of the UPSC IAS aspirants are hardworking and dedicated students. They do their studies diligently without fail. They gather material from relevant sources and stick to that. They approach mentors and seniors whenever required, and do not hesitate to learn from them at any age. They regard the UPSC syllabus as something very close to their heart, so that’s why they ensure that it’s their go-to reference always. They also keep track of the latest current affairs for the IAS exam. Despite all this, few of them don’t make it beyond the IAS Prelims exam. The reason is that they didn’t practice answer writing for the UPSC civil services Mains.

It is not how much you know that matters but what you write on paper that the examiner can evaluate. Answer writing practice is a crucial part of the UPSC civil services examination. So, make answer writing a regular feature of your IAS preparation.

Your answer should have:

  • Relevant content
  • Correct information and facts
  • Crisp and to the point
  • Neat and clean along with diagram and points
  • Adhere to the word limit
  • Logical and systematic
  • Written in proper format with introduction, body, and conclusion

To inculcate all these qualities, you need practice. A lot of Answer writing practice will make you confident enough to frame the answer in the examination without wasting time in thinking as keeping the time track is very important for UPSC Mains. Also, writing helps in organizing your thoughts. You will learn to write what is asked and not what you know. You will learn the pattern of writing for different types of questions like “discuss”, “elucidate”, “explain”, “critically appreciate” or “give reasons for and against”. Answer writing practice will help you to present your originality of thought and analytical abilities in the UPSC Mains.

Answer Writing Practise for IAS- Why it is important?

This question has an obvious reason, that is to save time in the exam hall because you might not want to end up leaving some questions due to a shortage of time. In the revised pattern of the UPSC exam (post-2013), you have to write around 20-25 questions with each answer demanding 200-250 words for the nine papers of the IAS Mains exam.

You will get three hours for each paper, it means no time to draft and frame answers for the questions. If you start framing in the examination hall for the first time, you will not be able to finish the exam on time. You need to take care of the presentation while ensuring that there aren’t any filler sentences that diverge from the topic at hand.

Each answer should be in a perfect format that should have an introduction, body, conclusion, subheadings, etc. The quality of the answers matters a lot as it is for one of the most prestigious posts and many students try to give their 100% in the UPSC Mains.

Ask yourself this,
Are you ready to waste time thinking about all this in the exam hall (whose result can alter your life) or should you practice it beforehand and concentrate only on what to write for the questions in the examination hall?

So, to excel in the UPSC Mains, you need to do rigorous answer writing practice, and to do that, you have to include the answer writing practice in your study schedule on a daily basis.

Inculcating this habit by yourself can be a little difficult, so take help from experts and get your answers checked by the Subject Experts.

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