An Integrated Approach to clear UPSC: Pre-cum-Mains

An integrated approach will give a clear Roadmap to clear UPSC CSE. In the integrated preparation, you start your preparation with foundation and gradually it will take you to the advanced level. A step-by-step approach will systematically plan for covering the entire syllabus of UPSC consisting of Prelims as well as Mains.

Pre-Cum-Mains 2021: Benefits

Following an integrated approach for the UPSC Civil services examination has numerous benefits associated with it. Some of those are:

  • You will be able to seamlessly integrate your UPSC Prelims preparation with UPSC Mains preparation.
  • You can learn from the comfort of your home. With an online course or program, there is no need to pay extra expenses like room rent, living cost, and a lot more in some big cities.
  • The course gives you insights and crucial tips about the Interview process which is otherwise not readily available.
  • The course is generally initiated with the basic concept building that will help to further understand the advanced topics.
  •  Lectures will not vague around the topics. It will be to the topic including static and dynamic portions. The connectivity to the static and dynamic portions will be highlighted in the lecture.
  • Subject-wise detailed notes are provided to help you with improving your competency for both the crucial stages, Prelims, and Mains.
  • The weekly assessment test is effective in maintaining discipline for your UPSC preparation. Tests are effective in sharpening and improving the skills for the examination.
  • Expert and toppers sessions will help you to improve all aspects of Prelims, Mains answer, and essay writing.
  • Doubt clearing live sessions are effective for giving you a clear concept about all the topics. You can interact with the expert faculties to solve all your UPSC subject related queries.


Pre-Cum-Mains 2021: Features

Features of Pre-Cum-Mains 2021 from Diademy are:

  • The integrated approach for Pre-Cum-Mains 2021 of Diademy is which is fast and easy.
  • Live interactive online and recorded classes will be provided so that you can learn from anywhere and anytime at your own comfort.
  • The basic concept booster will be the first step toward Pre-Cum-Mains 2021 approach. In this segment, classes will take care of everything even if you are a beginner or not learned anything before. You can use this segment to build your base for your UPSC preparation.
  • The approach during the classroom will be simple and bilingual so that each and every student can have an ease of understanding.
  • Current affairs booster will take care of the entire current affairs portion.
  • There are innovative tools included in this course for the value addition like mindmaps, infographics & revision flashcards, exam- time synopsis of all subjects, and a lot more. These innovative tools will help you efficiently retain the enormous syllabus for a longer period.
  • The entire course will be carried out digitally so that students can learn from anywhere at their flexible timings.
  • Personal attention will be given to each student that will emphasis on the scope of improvement. These sessions will be helpful in knowing about your strength and weakness so that you can work accordingly.
  • This is the one program that you should miss if you are serious about clearing UPSC civil services examination.

We believe, there should not be any burden on the students, otherwise, they won’t be able to perform effectively under pressure. Rather, we follow the responsibility rule, where students feel that they are responsible for completing a particular segment. Also, we make efforts in making this tough learning journey of UPSC CSE pleasurable and effective for all aspirants by giving them the most benefits.

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