Role Of Civil Services In India(GS-2 Exam Synopsis)2020-21(UPSC)

Exam Time Synopsis:

Introduction The civil service system is the backbone of the administrative machinery of the Indian nation.
Evolution of Civil Services in India Origin→ Mauryan time. Kautilya’s Arthshastra dictates certain norms and conditions.

In Medieval time, strengthened by Mughals for controlling the Kingdom.

Modern form evolved during British imperialism.

In 1947, free-India inherited the Indian Civil Service (ICS).

Constitutional Provisions Article 309: Powers of Parliament and state legislatures; Article 310: Doctrine of Pleasure; Article 311: Dismissal, removal or reduction in rank; Article 312: Creation of new All India service; Article 315 to 322: Deals with Public Service commissions; Article 323A: Administrative Tribunals
What role does it play? Basis of government; An instrument for implementing Laws and Policies; Participation in policy formulation; Provides continuity; Role in socio-economic development; Developing a sense of nationhood; Facilitating democracy; Calamities and crisis; The civil servants settle disputes between the citizens and the state.
What is expected from Civil Servants? Honest intellectuals; purposeful persons; no-compromise-on-values attitude; sincerity; Decision-making; Integrity; commitment to the common good; questioning; conscientiousness; ability to think positive; neutrality and impartiality; credibility.
Constraints the mismatch between positions and skillsets; Lack of professionalism and poor capacity building; Ineffective incentive system; Rigid and outmoded rules and procedures; Lack of accountability and transparency procedure; Political interference; Erosion in ethics and values.
Reforms Suggested Suggested by 2nd ARC and NITI Aayog’s Strategy for New India @ 75code of ethics; Civil Services Authority; appraisal system; no to political interference; capacity building; degree course for civil services; mid-service training and examinations;  specialization; accountability; procedure for transfer, removal or termination; new Civil Services Bill; proper incentivisation; lateral entry.


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