How Commerce and Accountancy as Optional Helped the UPSC 2022 Topper Secure Rank 2

Garima Lohia Strategy for UPSC: Garima Lohia is a name that every UPSC aspirant is admiring after UPSC 2022 results came out. Garima Lohia received AIR 2 in UPSC 2022, as one of the highest scorers having Commerce and Accountancy optional. Maintaining a positive attitude, and unwavering persistence and determination for her goal, she has grabbed a remarkable achievement. 

Her background in Commerce and Accountancy has helped her to prepare for the UPSC optional. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Kirorimal College, Delhi University in 2020. With a final score of 1063, Garima Lohia earned the AIR 2 in UPSC 2022. 

Garima Lohia UPSC Topper AIR 2 : Garima Lohia Strategy for UPSC

The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam is regarded as one of India’s toughest competitive exams. Every year, hundreds of hopefuls put in a lot of effort in their preparation to get a coveted position in the prestigious public services of the country. The demanding syllabus of the UPSC civil services examination is not an easy thing. But for Garima, it was an enjoyable process because she enjoyed her subjects along with her UPSC Commerce and Accountancy optional.

Garima Lohia Strategy

Graima Lohia Interest For Commerce and Accountancy Optional : Garima Lohia Strategy for UPSC

Garima Lohia, the extraordinary performer who received the second-place ranking in the UPSC 2022–23 examination, chose Commerce and Accountancy as her optional subject at UPSC, reflecting her academic background and personal interests. 

Garima Lohia strategy for UPSC demonstrated excellent competence in the areas of commercial operations, financial management, and business concepts, which are all essential components of the discipline of commerce and accounting. 

Her exceptional accomplishment was made possible by her profound knowledge of and mastery over subjects including cost accounting, strategic financial management, and financial reporting. 

Garima made a calculated decision to choose UPSC Commerce and Accountancy optional, drawing on her prior experience in the area to highlight the potential of Commerce and Accountancy as rewarding optional subject options for UPSC aspirants. 

It emphasizes the value of selecting an elective course in line with one’s skills and interests even more. 

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Garima Lohia Success Mantra For UPSC Commerce and Accountancy Optional

Like every other optional subject in UPSC CSE, Commerce, and Accountancy optional also demand dedication, solid practice in answer writing, and deep knowledge of the subject with a balance of dynamic and static topics. Garima says “One needs to dedicate ample time for the preparation of optional subjects as well because a command over the optional subject can help you achieve better marks in the final score.” 

A Guide From Topper: Tips and Strategies For UPSC Optional Commerce and Accountancy

Students lookout for anything that can help them in the easy preparation of the UPSC Commerce Optional syllabus. So when it comes to dedicating time to UPSC optional, aspirants often search for the best UPSC mains UPSC Commerce and Accountancy optional strategy given by the topper or someone experienced. Fortunately, Diademy IAS brings you both, tips from Garima Lohia, a second-rank holder and expert guidance of Rahul Sir in the field of UPSC optional Commerce and Accountancy. Here are some tried and tested tips and strategies for UPSC Commerce and Accountancy optional:

Select Your Book List And Stick To It

After going through the UPSC Commerce and Accountancy optional syllabus, the next very important step is to keep a list of books for Paper 1 and Paper 2 and stick to that list till the exam is done. Aspirants often create a library for optional subjects collecting all the books they get suggestions for and end up completing only a few. This is a huge mistake that any UPSC aspirant should avoid. To get a good command over the optional subject, make a list of the best book for the UPSC Commerce and Accountancy optional and revise them multiple times. 

List Of Best Books For UPSC Commerce and Accountancy Optional.

Learn Answer Writing

When you get familiar with the UPSC Commerce and Accountancy optional syllabus and books, it’s time to start the answer writing practice. Do not wait till your prelims result or until the last 2 months before Mains to dive into answer writing practice. Toppers and experts suggest going for daily answer writing, so it is up to you to create a time management chart that will dedicate time for UPSC mains Commerce and Accountancy optional answer writing practices. Answer writing will not only teach you how to write your optional, but it will also make you familiar with the UPSC mains Commerce and Accountancy optional paper pattern. 

Practice Previous Years Questions

Often neglected suggestion, but this is the backbone of UPSC preparation strategy. You cannot sit in the exam dreaming of excelling in the highest dignified exam in the country without touching the previous year’s questions. Commerce and accountancy optional is a technical subject and its question paper in USPC Mains consists of numerical with more than 100 marks. Understanding the pattern of the question is equally important as understanding the topic and formula to solve the question. So leaving previous years’ questions untouched is non-negotiable according to the toppers and experts. 

To get detailed insights on UPSC mains UPSC Commerce and Accountancy optional strategy and answer writing you can get in touch with Diademy IAS whose main focus remains on UPSC Commerce and Accountancy optional. It is very important to understand the pattern of the question and how to build your approach to solving any question. Diademy IAS will help you in building that approach so that you become confident to write UPSC UPSC mains UPSC Commerce and Accountancy optional and score the highest marks. 

Rahul Kumar, a seasoned professional Chartered Accountant (CA) and avid supporter and lecturer of UPSC CSE has entered the field of online coaching for UPSC CSE in order to offer aspirants excellent direction and a cutting-edge methodology. If you are looking for UPSC mains UPSC Commerce and Accountancy optional strategy, then there is no better person than Rahul Kumar as your mentor for your UPSC journey. Study more about Rahul Kumar and get the best UPSC mains Commerce and Accountancy optional preparation. 
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