WBCS (Exe.) Foundation Course 2022 (Pre, Mains & Interview)

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The detailed schedule of the classes will be provided at the time of admission

DIADEMY IAS announces WBCS (Exe.) Foundation Course 2022 (Pre, Mains & Interview)


wbcs course

1) Live Online Interactive & Recorded Classes

In this WBCS Foundation Course 2022, Live interactive classes provide you the flexibility to learn from anywhere. The flexibility of the schedule allows you to learn at your comfortable timings.
DIADEMY IAS provides you with WBCS Foundation Course
  • Once the class is over, it will be uploaded into the student’s account and can be accessed anytime till 1 year from the date of joining.
  • unlimited no. of views.
  • 24*7 Access on web and mobile app
  • Weekly doubt clearing sessions – Live
  • Personal dashboard for students
  • PPT and Mindmaps driven classes
  • Daily Class Practice – 10 MCQs after every class

2) Basic Concept Booster: WBCS Foundation Course 2022

Just starting with the WBCS Preparation? Not knowing much about IAS preparation?
Don’t worry, even if you have not read anything yet, our basic concept booster classes will take care of everything. In three months, we target to clear all your basic concepts of NCERT.
DIADEMY IAS provides you with:
  • Guidance on how to best utilize NCERTs with minimum efforts
  • Exam-oriented Notes of NCERTs
  • NCERT based MCQ tests

3) Approach during classroom

  • Focus on dimensions & perceptive building rather than just bombarding the content
  • Conceptual interlinking of topics
  • From basic to applied level for every topic (WBCS level)
  • The language Medium of the class will be bilingual (English and Bengali).
  • From conventional till recent updates on the topic
  • 100% exam oriented (no unnecessary intellectualism)
  • No need to refer to any other reference book
  • Classroom content will be unique and not just a compilation of commonly available resources
  • You will remember lots of things from the lecture itself and will be able to deliver in the exam

4) Current Affairs Booster

Current affairs hold an important part in the preparation for WBCS. But how to manage between so much information and materials out there?
This is the prime concern of all the WBCS aspirants. We bring you the specific exam-oriented current affairs.
DIADEMY IAS provides you with WBCS Foundation Course
  • Last two years of current affairs coverage
  • Subject-wise experts will take the lectures with a proper background discussion
  • Regular Tests – Designed especially for current affairs
  • Integration of current affairs in all the relevant subject-wise lectures
  • Current monthly magazine
  • 2-years Economic Survey and Budget
  • Daily news prescription

5) Value Addition Through Innovative Tools: WBCS Foundation Course 2022

Prelims Cum Mains

No course is complete without some value additions that nobody tells you otherwise. We focus on providing you with each and everything you need for better preparation of WBCS EXAM.
DIADEMY IAS provides you with Prelims Cum Mains
  • Mindmaps
  • Keywords & key facts
  • Exam- Time Synopsis of all subjects
  • Previous years of questions Analysis
  • Infographics & revision flashcards
  • Revision sessions before the exams

6) Digital Study Material

The right kind and right quantity of study materials can boost up your preparation whereas if you are juggling with a lot of study materials, then you will end you just gathering information that will give you minimum output.
Our Study material provides you with WBCS COMPLETE SYLLABUS COVERAGE
  • Focus from fundamentals to exam-oriented concepts
  • Comprehensive coverage of syllabus
  • Prepared by Expert Faculties
  • The language of material will be English
  • Static Portion: Sourced from Standard Books, NCERT, and other reference books.
  • Current Affair Materials: Sourced from newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express. Magazines like Yojana, Science Reporter, Kurukshetra, NITI Aayog Reports, and other Govt. Reports.
  • Last 10 years Questions- With Solution
  • PDF and Downloadable materials

7) Weekly Assessment Tests

Prelims Cum Mains

The weekly test will enable you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. By enrolling in a weekly assessment test you will get to know what all topics need extra attention. You will determine your current performance, and the feedback will enable you to upgrade your performance. Enhance your problem-solving ability with weekly assessment tests:
  • NCERT Based Tests
  • Subject-wise Tests
  • Previous Year questions based tests
  • Current-Affairs Test
  • Comprehensive Mock Test
Solutions and approaches will be discussed for each test by the subject faculty.
After rigorously attending the tests and working on the feedback, you will be having added benefits like:
  • You will score more in the exam
  • You will not panic in the real exam
  • You will learn important concepts useful for the exam
  • You will face the exam-like environment before the actual competition before the actual WBCS exam
  • This will increase your confidence level

 8) Personal Attention

Self-study is no doubt very beneficial, but if you have someone experienced to guide you throughout your WBCS journey then you can save a lot of time and effort. Personal attention and the right guidance will make your journey a lot easier and smooth.
The personal attention from DIADEMY IAS will provide you with WBCS Foundation Course
  • One to one regular interaction with faculty
  • Inspirations and motivation from the great mentors
  • The proper strategy to excel in WBCS
  • Areas to improve with the right guidance

9) Toppers & Expert’s Strategy Sessions

Being a newbie or a year-old aspirant, everybody needs guidance in steering out their strategy. If the strategy is coming out from someone who is an expert or already a topper, then students can rely on them and relate with their exam strategy.
The expert and toppers strategy from DIADEMY IAS will provide you everything about:
  • The right way of preparation
  • The right mindset to keep going in the long tenure of preparation
  • Useful lessons from own difficulties
  • How to fill up the gaps between preparation and exam requirements

10) Subjects Being Covered In WBCS Foundation Course

It is important to give equal weightage and preparation time to each and every subject of WBCS. We can’t take a chance by giving less weightage to any subject.
WBCS Foundation Course SUBJECTS

Prelims Cum Mains

  • History – Ancient History, Modern History, Medieval History
  • Geography – Physical Geography, Indian Geography, World Geography
  • Art and Culture
  • Polity
  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Science and Technology
  • International Relation


  • Post independent History
  • World History
  • Indian Society
  • Governance
  • International Relations
  • Disaster Management
  • Internal Security
  • Ethics
  • Essay

11) An integrated approach for WBCS Foundation Course

An integrated approach brings a perfect symphony in the preparation of the WBCS Foundation Course without complicating the daily schedule of preparation. The integrated approach will cover your syllabus intensively and will make you ready to practice the mock tests. For freshers who have not started the answer writing practice yet, this approach is effective in a progressive improvement for the preparation.
An integrated approach of preparation of DIADEMY IAS will provide you with:
  • It will create a balance between Prelims and Main preparation.
  • Fundamentals will be taught along with the applications and use in the real world.
  • The entire syllabus will be covered before the exam.
  • Regular tests will include quality questions to ensure you overcome Prelim’s fear.

Features of Integrated Approach of DIADEMY IAS: WBCS Foundation Course

  • Subject-wise discussion for prelims
  • Subject-wise integrated discussion for GS 1, GS 2, and GS 3.
  • Sectional and full-length tests for both Prelims and Mains.
There will be several steps of this integrated preparations:
# 1st Step: Starting phase of the preparation- Until prelims
# 2nd Step: Until Prelims – 2-3 Months before Prelims Exam
# 3rd Step: Between Prelims and Mains
For detailed information on the strategy of the integrated approach, read Integrated Approach to become WBCS.

12) Specialized focus on GS Mains

The prelims exam is qualifying, so what if you qualify prelims but do not know the right strategy for qualifying Mains. Although the Mains exam has relevant topics from Prelims, the approach for writing the exam is drastically different. DIADEMY IAS has designed an issue-based preparation – with a special focus on GS Mains.
  • GS 1 (200+ Topics) Click here
  • GS 2 (450+ Topics) Click here
  • GS 3 (350+ Topics ) Click here
  • GS 4 (200 + Topics & 100 + Case Studies)
  • Essay (10+ Thematic Lectures & 10+ Complete Tests)

 13) Innovative Tools for Mains Exam

Other than just reading out the books and materials to complete the syllabus won’t be effective. It is a proven fact that when we read something, we tend to forget 80% of the information after 2 hours. So, to build up a full-proof strategy, DIADEMY IAS came up with several innovative tools for Mains Exam that will help you to retain the topics for longer.
  • Revisionary clips of 5 Minutes each topic (for exam time revision)
  • Exam Time Synopsis Notes (100 to 200 keywords on each topic)
  • Handwritten Mind Maps
  • 200+ Audio/Video podcasts on factual topics

14) Sources to cover for WBCS Main:

  • GS 1 – Complete coverage from most effective sources
  • GS 2 (Static) – From Laxmikanth Governance, D.D. Basu, M Kartikeyan & other books
  • GS 3 )Static) – From Kaushik Basu, NCERTs, Uma Kapila, Mishra & Puri
  • GS 4 Ethics – Case studies based on real life examples
  • GS 4 Ethics – Examples, Diagrams etc
  • Essay – Structure making, Theme based preparation
  • Updated Current Affairs Since The Last 3 Years
  • The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, Business Standard, Mint
  • IDSA, PRS, Annual reports of ministries, India Year Book 2020
  • 2 Years Economic Survey And Budget, Yojna & Kurukshetra
  • NITI Aayog Strategy Document @75 + Niti Aayog Annual Reports
  • Relevant 2nd Arc Reports Like Crises Management, Public Order Etc

A detailed schedule of the classes will be provided at the time of admission




diademy toppersIMPORTANT FAQs

What If I miss any live class?

All students will have access to their personal dashboards. So even if they miss out on any of the live classes, you will be provided with the video of that particular lecture within 48 hours. Also, you can view your attended classes for an unlimited number of views

How do I ask queries during the classes?

There will be a Real-time Doubt Clearing facility where students can ask queries during live classes. They will get an instant response from the faculty member(s). We provide you the provision of:

  • Two-way communication where you can ask your query during the live classes, or
  • You can ask your doubts at the end of the class.
  • In case you have missed the live class, you can either mail your query or you can ask a query in the weekly doubt clearing session.

Preparation for Prelims Cum Mains – separate or integrated?

WBCS preparation requires an integrated approach for the preparation process. Although the Preliminary exam is objective and the Main examination is descriptive, one should adopt an integrated approach. Main preparation requires a thorough analysis of information, organizing, and presenting information coherently and lucidly. Handling the Preliminary exam requires the ability to recollect and the concepts of the subject are also tested. So, a candidate should keep these things in mind during the preparation.

Why should I enroll in the WBCS Foundation course 2022 (Prelims and Mains)?

Our WBCS All Access course gives you a unique chance of getting trained by India’s renowned faculty members from the comfort of your home. You will be holistically trained in all areas including GS, CSAT, Essay, Current Affairs, NCERTs, India Year Book, Editorials, Writing practice & Interview. You also have the option of learning anytime from anywhere through our recorded classes available in your personal dashboard. Our student-oriented structured training approach will ensure that you will get the right kind of support to crack the WBCS exam & fulfill your dream of becoming a WBCS Officer.

About The Faculty Team

  • Team is lead by CA Rahul Kumar (Appeared in IAS interview 3 times, has experience of over 8 years, taught thousands of students, 100s of students qualified IAS exam under various courses taken by him)

  • The faculty team is experienced
  • All went through the exam process and qualified till mains
  • Subject wise expertise will help in deepening concepts
  • All of them keep updated with recent current affairs which keeps the lecture very relevant to the exams

Team includes –

1)   CA Rahul Kumar – Economy & Internal Security (lead faculty)
2)    Girish Dogga – Science & Technology
3)   Aravind Alagatti: Ethics
4)   Harish Patel – Environment
5)   Vikash Gupta – Social Issues & Essays
6)   Vineet Sharma – Polity 
7)   Amardeep Kaur Brar – NCERTs
8)   Mahima Pant – Geography
9)    Anusha  – History & Art & Culture
10) Khistij Dhiman – S&T

How To Get Admission Into/ Subscribe To Course?

Please go through our Refund & Cancellation Policy by clicking on the link here before making the payment.
Please fill this form (Compulsory) Click Here so that we can give personal attention to you.
Once You Pay, Within 8 working Hrs (Working hours are from 10 AM to 6 PM), You will get access to a personal dashboard
You, Will, Get Live Class Links, Recorded Lectures And Soft Copy Study Materials In Your Dashboard As Per Lecture Plan
A detailed course/lecture plan will be given after joining
You can download the Android app also to get access to your purchased course by clicking here
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