DAILY 10.30 A.M UPSC MCQs : 20TH AUGUST,2020

Daily UPSC MCQs for practice :

The most obvious pros of UPSC MCQs are that the actual answer is visible and you just have to choose the correct one. In many cases, aspirants may very well know the answer to a question but they are unable to recall, due to exam pressure or memory issues. In MCQs aspirants after seeing the answer could well trigger the memory to enable a right answer. The multiple-choice questions are short and sharp, which means they can be more examined by aspirants and easy to understand about the given subject.

Why aspirants should choose UPSC MCQs:

Why choose UPSC multiple-choice questions for practice because they help aspirants to concentrate on a test. And it also helps when the correct answer is given in an interactive test with an explanation of why it is right.

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